Arab Sweets Distributor: R. Firmiano Pinto, 213 Belenzinho - São Paulo (11) 2694-4028 / (11) 9 7340-8761 EN-US

Faruk Doces – Arab Sweets Distributor

Created in 2007, Faruk Doces Árabes was born out of Mr. Miliciano’s passion and fascination for Middle Eastern culture and cuisine. The 20 years of experience make the most delicious Arab sweets in Brazil ..

Since its foundation, a Faruk Arab Sweets Industry has doubled in size with the help of the entrepreneurial vision of sounds Vanilton and Vanessa and today produces between 10 and 12 thousand sweets a day. With deliveries all over Brazil, it serves the most diverse types of audiences, from private consumers with occasional orders, to large multinational companies.

The name Faruk was inspired by a King of Egypt and Sudan, known for being the first monarch to make a radio broadcast in the country and speak directly to his people. He enjoyed the riches of life and prized for the high quality of everything around him, as well as our products, which are made with the best imported ingredients to maintain the high standard.